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Wheel loaders and wheel loader attachments

  • Wheel loaders by Wacker Neuson stand for optimal efficiency output, high grade materials, long service life, good maneuverability and maintenance in a flash. Our wheel loaders are true multi-talents on your construction site and exactly the right equipment to meet your requirements in many other areas.
  • You can easily make your wheel loader into a multi-functional device by using our attachments. This allows you to always optimally move material from A to B on construction sites, in landscaping and in many other application areas.

Why you should buy Wacker Neuson wheel loaders

A wheel loader is a construction machine used for loading and transporting goods. The first wheel loaders were developed in the 1920s and 1930s from tractors that were equipped with cable-operated buckets. The technology is time-tested and proven and the demand for wheel loaders has increased. There are many providers now. Why should I choose a wheel loader from the Wacker Neuson Group?

Wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson are characterized by optimal efficiency output and by a long service life. Every wheel loader has exactly the power it needs to transport material. High-quality materials guarantee you a long service life and protection against environmental impacts. Our wheel loaders are economical in fuel consumption and are easily steered through tight construction sites thanks to their articulated joint. This makes the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders extremely maneuverable. Spacious cabins offer the operator plenty of comfort. As you can see, we make it extremely easy for you to choose a wheel loader from Wacker Neuson.

Make it a true- multi-talent with attachments for wheel loaders

Your wheel loader is versatile in use thanks to suitable hydraulic connections. In this way, you are always well-equipped for additional tasks and can be a real multi-talent with the help of Wacker Neuson. From the traditional bucket or a bucket with light materials of up to 1.8 m³ bucket capacity, from the pallet fork to the snowplow. Those who buy a Wacker Neuson wheel loader get a multi-functional construction machine. You can rent many of the attachments, such as pallet forks or various buckets, at one of the many Wacker Neuson branches. This way you are always ready with your wheel loader and are well-equipped for any of your projects.

Rent and test wheel loaders

Thanks to the extensive network of Wacker Neuson branches, it is super easy for you to rent and test a wheel loader first before deciding to buy. If you are interested, you can rent our wheel loaders to test them for up to twelve months before deciding to buy. The benefit to you: Upon purchase, we credit the rental price of the wheel loader to the purchase price. Test first, then buy and save money at the same time. So it’s twice as worthwhile for you to buy a wheel loader.

Even secondhand Wacker Neuson wheel loaders are brilliant

Thanks to the high quality and top maintenance, our wheel loaders offer many years of top performance. With a Wacker Neuson wheel loader, you are bringing an all-rounder into your team and onto the construction site. No matter whether you want to buy a new or used Wacker Neuson wheel loader or rent one – the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders will never let you down.