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  • Excellent pumping performance: Ideal for jobsite works.Our centrifugal pumps are perfect for construction sites that have to be cleared of water quickly. They can handle solids of up to 25, 40 or 50 mm in size.
  • PDI pumps handle solids up to 41 mm and are therefore ideal for draining sludge and seepage areas.Diaphragm pumps from Wacker Neuson minimize blockage-related failures and allow for unsupervised operation. These pumps are characterized by a long service life combined with optimal performance.
  • The Wacker Neuson submersible pumps are suitable for a variety of application areas: flood disasters, draining construction sites, pits, or for water penetration in buildings. But the submersible pumps take care of all kinds of challenging tasks in more than just building and civil engineering: the power pumps with a volume of up to 2,440 l/min can also easily handle the task of draining ponds. The submersible pumps impress with efficiency output and tireless application, especially when it comes to quickly and reliably pumping out high flows of dirty water containing solids.
  • Are you looking for a compact dewatering pump with self-priming mechanism, ideal for smaller and short-term applications? These high-performance pumps from the PG series are designed for conveying water not containing large solids (Ø up to 6.5 mm). The dewatering pumps are equipped with a cast iron impeller, which is easy to adjust and at the same time has a long service life and is very easy to service.

Your construction site stays dry with Wacker Neuson pumps

Penetrating water or dirty water causes problems time and time again in civil engineering, on construction sites and in excavation. The water can affect the work and even damage building structures. That is why you need powerful pumps that ensure reliable drainage.

Wacker Neuson pumps keep you dry. We specialize in construction equipment and certainly carry the right pump for your individual requirements in our product range. With our pump units, you will complete your building project trouble-free without lengthy water damage and cost-intensive building stops.

Full power - all the time

Pumps by Wacker Neuson are characterized by their versatility and their high performance. With discharge heads of up to 48 meters and a suction volume of up to 2,440 liters per minute, our construction pumps have real power and at the same time are characterized by their high level of reliability, since they continue to work tirelessly, even with liquids with high levels of solids. Thanks to the sturdy design, our pumps can complete the task at hand and are safe to run dry, even during long periods of intermittent operation due to lack of water in low water situations.

High quality material and solid processing for extended running times

Quality, on which you can rely, is especially needed when using pumps. It doesn’t matter whether it is a gasoline, diesel or electric drive. Our pumps always provide top performance. Leave drainage to our power pumps – so you can rely on dependable quality and always stay dry.