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EZ26 - The design for champions

EZ26 zero tail excavator with cabin
EZ26 zero tail excavator with canopy
EZ26 zero tail excavator with canopy
EZ26 zero tail excavator with cabin
EZ26 zero tail excavator with canopy
EZ26 zero tail excavator with canopy
The compact excavator EZ26 guarantees modern design, flexibility and ease of use. Transportation by car trailer to the next construction site? No problem - the low weight allows transport including attachment tool by means of 3.5t trailer. An innovative windshield mechanism for easy ventilation provides working comfort and facilitates communication between driver and colleagues. Control lever carrier, the wide cabin entry and the arrangement of control and display elements of the EZ26 are ergonomically perfectly adapted to the needs of your workplace.
  • The re-designed cabin of the EZ26 is ergonomical and spacious.
  • Large, double-sided sliding windscreen.
  • Magnetic rotating light (LED) which can be quickly attached and released at any time. The LED light is characterized by high luminosity and low power consumption.
  • Zero tail swing for working in tight and confined spaces.
  • Optional Vertical Digging System (VDS) and EASY LOCK.


Transport by car trailer

  • Less than 2.6t transport weight
  • Wider range and additional fields of application
  • Great cost savings

Zero Tail - when it gets tight

  • The EZ26 does not have a rear overhang and can therefore swing easier - even in confined spaces
  • In addition, the EZ26 has very compact dimensions

Unrestricted maintenance and service access

  • Removable cab facilitates inspection and repair work
  • Service-related components can be accessed quickly thanks to the removable covers and the large side hood
  • Lower operating costs thanks to two fuel-efficient engine variants that do not require exhaust gas aftertreatment

Comfort cabin

Work ergonomically at any body height thanks to individually adjustable seat, joystick and armrest positions. In addition, plenty of headroom and legroom as well as the best all-round visibility.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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