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Wacker Neuson and “The Treasure of the Silver Lake”

Track dumper DT08 is used in a Croatian national park. Compact dimensions, easy use, strong in the matter of material handling: For the restoration of the trails around the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia the management of the national park relies on the track dumper DT08 from Wacker Neuson.

Turquoise waters, dense forests, rushing waterfalls: The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is not only the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and UNESCO World Heritage site, but was also a location of many films. Among other films, a classic from the Winnetou series: “The Treasure of the Silver Lake” from 1962. Now, some of the old paths around the 16 lakes have to be reinstated. For the transport of various materials the management of the National Park has decided to buy the Wacker Neuson track dumper DT08. “We were looking for a machine which is solid and can handle heavy materials”, says Predrag Matovina, head of the department for maintenance of paths, routes and bridges. “In addition the machine must be compact because the paths around the lakes are very narrow. And it needs a good climbing ability and strength because the path are not flat.”

The track dumper was bought at L-Ring d.o.o. a Wacker Neuson distributor in Zagreb. “Our costumer wanted a machine that speeds up work at the National Park. Compared with competitors the DT08 of Wacker Neuson has convinced him very fast. The compact dimension and the good maneuverability of the dumper were the crucial factors for his decision. So the work was completed much faster”, explains Sales Manager Željko Gašparević. Since 1994 L-Ring d.o.o. is a distributor for the Wacker Neuson brand.

With a maximum payload of 800 kilograms and a width of just 79 centimeters the DT08 is ideal for the use around the Plitvice Lakes. Its optimal weight distribution ensures low ground pressure so the dumper can also be used on sensitive grounds. The optional self-loading device facilitates filling the trough. Two trough variants are available: front-tip skip and high-tip skip. Its hydrostatic drive and the powerful engine also ensure not only comfortable work but also the coping of slopes.

“For some time we have already a vibratory plate from Wacker Neuson. Now the dumper DT08 complements our assortment. We are very pleased with both products”, says Predrag Matovina from the National Park. “Our positive experience will lead to an expansion of our business with Wacker Neuson.”